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Khalid bin Saad International Ltd. (the company), founded in 1976 AD, it is a Saudi limited liability company owned by its owner Prince Khalid bin Saad bin Saud Al Saud and Abdul Rahman Ali bin Muammar. It works in the field of wholesale and retail trade in the field of medicines, medical preparations, tools and cosmetics Cosmetic, baby food, medical equipment, laboratory and hospital supplies and equipment. The company commercially represents a number of manufacturers known for their quality in the field of health care, and the company continues in the process of prosperity and development and obtaining a suitable share in this field in the Saudi market. The company has created a distinguished professional relationship with government institutions regulating work in the field of health care represented by the Food and Drug Authority and the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties, and the owners and executive management have continuous communication.

Medicines and their agencies

Medical device agencies